Regal Technologies HostPay with DebtResolve

HostPay with DebtResolve delivers the best of self-service, on-line payments and debt negotiation via a secure and hosted web portal. Providing a self-service solution creates immediate cost savings and increased profits!

HostPay with DebtResolve introduces your customers to the lowest-cost channel for resolving their delinquent accounts. With the HostPay with DebtResolve system, your customers have the opportunity to self-cure, negotiate with you, or finalize payment arrangements. This happens online, 24/7/365, in any language, and without using your valuable collections resources. You will realize significant cost savings, collect more, and reach customers who you haven't been able to contact.

Put the HostPay with DebtResolve system to work for you by:

  • Moving your customers/debtors online at every stage of collections
  • Collecting more dollars at a lower cost
  • Receiving settlements above your parameters, using a patented bidding system
  • Cutting your legal exposure through pre-approved language
  • Integrating seamlessly with your current technology
  • Fully integrating with the Regal Technologies Payment Gateway to accept ACH, Debit/Credit Cards, and Paper Demand Drafts

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Contact your delinquent customers by email, letter or phone.  At your invitation, your delinquent customer logs into a website - branded in your name - and confirms contacts information. They update their own personal information, and we capture their email address for you.


Use the *only* patented (Patent Nos. 6,330,551, 6,850,918, 6,954,741, and 7,249,114) online resolution bidding process to handle thousands of negotiations simultaneously, without involving a live collector.

  • You design the debt treatment plan! Require a down payment, minimum/maximum amounts accepted, number of payments, time period, etc...? Its up to you and all treatments can be changed in real-time through an Administration portal.
  • A series of simple-to-use screens is presented to the customer/debtor.
  • For early-stage delinquencies, HostPay with DebtResolve offers a quick and convenient way for customers to self-cure online.
  • For late-stage and charged-off accounts, HostPay with DebtResolve features a patented bidding process. The customer/debtor gets three chances to submit an offer and settle the account. Based on strategies, the offers are compared to treatments you have set right from your desktop.


Allow your customers to pay online through the HostPay with DebtResolve system immediately. 

When the debtor makes a successful resolution payment, it's collected using your existing Regal Technologies payment gateways, and deposited directly into your account.

In the event an agreement is not reached online, you can queue up accounts for efficient follow-up using the new information you have received online.


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Process Checks with Confidence Using Electronic Fund Transfer via ACH or Printed Paper Demand Drafts

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Check and Funds Verification all done in real-time!

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Credit Cards

Regal specializes in obtaining
Credit Card Merchant Accounts in the �hard to get� Collections and Legal Industries.

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Web Payments

Accept and Process Payments Using HostPay through your website, BatchPay via payment file uploads and RecurPay payment scheduling.

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Call Center

Contact a Regal Payment Specialist for an overview of how our VirtualPay CSR Portal can increase your call center efficiency.

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